Tuesday, 31 May 2011

My new demoness!

Rudh puts me to shame, and I really ought to use this blog more - I take HUNDREDS of pics in SL and they never again see the light of day. So instead of emailing everyone, I am making a BLOG POST (gasp!)

You know how I am always tweaking and improving my favourite avatars in SL - well Lola got herself a new blue succubus and I had just bought myself a new skin, so I felt inspired ;)

Wearing Dark Eden Lilith bodystraps in "bloodrage" but I only had the boots in black and this outfit is from waaaay back & the creator left DE; so I spent AGES last night modding them to dark red & gold. Fiddly little single texture face changes all over, plus invisiprims to get around. A good result, I think!

My new skin is from Nikita Fride. L$1200 but worth it. Material Squirrel wings that match the skin purrfectly. I probably need better hair. Wish the DMMDI forked tongues hadn't gone batshit crazy, I like the tongue but it looks like I have six so I stopped wearing it. Still using my original old XCite fangs that Xixao bought me! Sometimes now I use a fang tattoo but as we can only use one tattoo on Phoenix...