Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Colour Challenge 22 - Cobalt

Looking through my folders of designer clothes for anything blue (stashed away and forgotten since, although I like this colour, it's not my usual choice) I found this gorgeous outfit and the avatar was done. Katlien was looking through her outfits at the same time, and when I went to hug her in her blue bunny suit, a story leapt out at me. The rest of the time was spent on the photoshoot, selecting/editing pics (a hard decision on this shoot!) and writing the story. It didn't help that the weather here has been glorious, so I have spent a great deal of time offline with my young son, and Katlien doesn't come online much in the evenings. Added to this, my darling child refuses to believe it's bedtime when it is light outside, thus robbing me of much-needed time at the end of the day. Finally though, I have a post!

~0~ Angel of Redemption ~0~

And an angel appeared in a shining light

Answering her prayers for deliverance, even in that place of sin

~0~ The Storyboard ~0~


~ The Kiss ~

She was just a young girl from the country, full of naive dreams;
She trusted and believed in their get-rich-quick schemes.
He said "Chocolates, or flowers next time? Tell me what to bring,"
She smiled coyly as she answered "I would like a diamond ring."
He laughed as he kissed her, but the kisses turned rough
He pushed her up against a wall, and she knew she'd had enough.
~ The Rape ~

"You've a cheek," he snarled, "to be asking me for more;"
He took her by the neck and forced her to the floor.
"I pay a pretty penny to your pimp within the house,
Now hold your tongue and serve me, you miserable mouse."
He cuffed her hands behind her and prepared to have his way
She endured in silent terror, but began hard to pray.
~ The Angel ~

Just at the turning point there flashed a brilliant light
A dazzling, azure radiance lit up the sordid night.
A figure there appeared, in robes of summer blue
With hair and skin of purest gold, and a halo too.
An angelic messenger with sky fledged wings wide spread
And at sight of her the malefactor turned in fright and fled.
~ The Redemption ~

The girl was just as frightened as her customer before
But the angel's smile was gentle as she raised her from the floor.
Amid her fragrant, flowing skirts she held the errant child
And promised to deliver her, in accents clear and mild.
She took her away from the city and its strife
Back to the country and its sweet and simple life.

Now the young lady never more will stray,
For an angel has delivered her, and shown her the way.

~0~ CREDITS ~0~

Location: *ADULT* Redlight Escorts, Sex World East (last image: my land)
Windlight: Doomed Spaceship, except for the first image (Bree's appleblossom) and last (default).

My outfit: (the Angel) 
Bare@Rose Blue Angel outfit from Christmas hunt 2009
~*By Snow*~ Sea Sprite Skin (Starfish)
Spartacus Design Hair - Blonde Long Messy flexi curls
Nyterave Ruins 'Perfect Peepers 87' prim eyes on Eyes of Ibad blue base by GC Continental
PurpleMoon metallic silver nails (2K members group gift)
Facelight 3000 by Detox Watanabe for the 'shining light' in the storyboard (full perms, ask me for a copy)

Katlien's outfit: (the Hooker)
bonne chance! BCC Bunny set (3K members group gift, still available in store)
and BCC Marine OP dress (last image)
"D!va" Hair - Diva2 (Cat's eye) - group gift, still available - colour change flowers
 ((Crystal Line)) Coco Shoes green (even though they look blue)
Open Collar 'Bound Nature'

Thanks to Dean Winchester, who posed for the storyboard and would like me to make it very clear that he would never treat a girl that way, even if she were a hooker. In his opinion, the angel let the scumbag off lightly.

It was quite amusing doing a photoshoot at this location, which is based on the famous red light district in Amsterdam and very well decorated. At the tp point there is a large crowd of ladies of questionable virtue, like the crowds you get around a lucky chair, but these are all waiting for potential customers. They mostly ignored me; could have been the outfit, could have been the fact I'm female. Could have been the fact I brought Katlien in on a leash ;) Judging by the men who turned up, I probably looked far too well dressed to be there on business. Some of the girls had names like 'Dr. McButthurt-Magnet' and 'Gloryhole Mansion' which tells you pretty much all you need to know. Most of them were good looking (a LOT better looking than their customers...) but there was one who looked like she'd deliberately styled her avatar to look like a blow-up sex doll. At least I hope it was deliberate; I am reliably informed that this is attractive to many men in SL. Perhaps it helps them to feel that the girl isn't really real. 

At one point during the photoshoot, which I carried out on a rooftop some distance from the crowd, I was IM'ed to ask if I'd like to buy naked photos. I politely declined, but some time later, the same girl asked again, this time claiming it was to help her buy a house; at the same time, another girl asked exactly the same question, right down to the punctuation errors. I asked the first one if they were alts or working off a script - she claimed they were just friends who wanted to share a house. Yeeeah right. I'm not sure which is sadder - two girls working off a set script, or one girl cut & pasting her request to the same person and thinking I wouldn't notice. I suppose it's a tactic which has worked in the past, which again, tells you ALL you need to know about the typical customer of this kind of place! Thinking about it, given the amount of consensual sex RP that goes on in SL, it would take a pretty desperate kind of guy to PAY for the privilege. (And no, I checked profiles, and despite their noobish appearance, the customers I saw weren't much younger than me.) And people have the cheek to accuse Furries of loose morals!

Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Colour Challenge 21 - Lemon Chiffon

Margaritas at the Beach

This week's colour is the perfect match to my own skin - so you get to see the Real Me for the very first time! (Well, the anthro Real Me - my Trueform is a dragon, and you'll have to wait for gold to come up to see that.) Because the skin is the match for this week, I wanted to wear as little as possible, and not being the risque type, I opted for a day on the beach. I found a gorgeous swimsuit which I'd forgotten I own, with a patterned overlay on shirt and pants, all layers tintable so it can be any colours you like. The rest was accessorising for the beach!

Drinks on the beach #1

Drinks on the beach #2


The outfit was pretty easy; the reason this post is so late is that the first night of the photoshoot, the sim owner's dog Ozzy came and found me - it must be lonely, poor thing - and sat at my feet right in the way of the camera. 

Colour certified by the Dulux Dog!

I had a couple of friends with me and one of them has a recurring attachment issue where body parts seem to drop off randomly and float around in midair - so halfway through shooting, I realised that I was sharing the couch with a floating orange kitty ear! Very bizarre. I also forgot to put on my sunglasses, and my nails did that very annoying thing prim nails sometimes do and got all dislocated from my fingers, which I didn't realise until I went through the photos afterwards. Not to mention the animated couch pose kept emptying my drink over my knees and what with the FS4.0 camera error of not actually refreshing the shot on save, motion shoots take a lot longer to accomplish. So a whole reel of film (as it were) was completely useless, though it was all a pretty good giggle. We reckoned the dog had listen scripts for monitoring chat, regardless of which it must be a plaguey nuisance for romantic couples! 

Dog aside, the location is gorgeous, a whole island sim of sandy beaches, romantic cuddle-spots, flower decked waterfalls, rolling surf, a pirate lair and even a jet-ski you can take out! (I don't think jet-skis are supposed to run on land, are they? Or through trees... shh, don't tell the owner ;) 

Eagles Island Paradise

Not many people seem to go there so it's lovely and quiet, and seems to make money from the tip jars discreetly disguised as flamingos. The location is adult, but the poseballs seem designed more for relaxation and romantic cuddling than graphic sex, though I didn't investigate closely and there were areas marked off for BDSM roleplay; but you wouldn't know going by appearance. For a sex marketed sim, it was lovely and unspoilt, and the few comments in the guest book suggested that most visitors come for a romantic, secluded getaway.

Some more pics:

Drinks in the shade

Soft focus


*ADULT* location: Eagles Island
Windlight: Default, early morning, just before you lose that mellow sunrise glow

Skin by Ferryn Myriam (she made a few colours, don't know if she still has a shop)
Makeup: KOSH Metallic Eyeshadow Sweet Lips combi - Gold (kindly customised for me when my computer wouldn't support a V2 viewer and I could only wear 1 makeup layer)
Horns modded from Isle of Wyrms Shadow wyrmling
Hair: <DK> Effie - Black Tiger (modded to fit hat)
Eyes: *aN* Pop Star Cat Eyes Sunny Yellow
   & Alady Island prim lashes
XCite! Fangs
Own shape and tail

::69:: SunflowerHat white
Male Party avatar sunglasses (from library)
AW Design Galaxy Spiral swim costume (from back in 2007 when it was Kiss me Quick!)
L&E armbands, own bellyring
Sensations nails
::69:: Beach Sandals - Candy (colour change)

Glass of Margarita by Kitchen Korner

Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Colour Challenge 20 - Deep Pink

Happy birthday Luna! =^.^=

This was a really easy colour, even though pink is not in my usual repertoire, because I remembered a very distinctive sari on one of the library avatars. I thought at the time, that's a lovely sari, pity it's pink - so I'm glad I could make use of it after all. Then I wanted to be a tiger, because of course tigers are from India, and I do have a tiger patterned neko skin, but to be honest it's not very good - so I opted for my serval avatar instead. Servals are from Africa, but I think this avatar could just as easily be an Asian leopard cat (Felis bengalensis) - so I made the tail longer and thicker, and a leopard cat it shall be. It could also be a South American margay. Small spotted cat species are very similar, and in fact the whole Feline order is so closely related that they can all interbreed. Asian leopard cats are, indeed, bred with domestic cats to produce a popular and gorgeously patterned breed called the Bengal. Which I want :3

Having put together probably the fastest outfit so far, I looked for an Indian themed location to take photos, and once again search proved that Second Life has it all! I was instantly attracted to a location boasting the Taj Mahal, and found it a very pretty parcel with lots of photo opportunities and scenic snuggle spots to explore. The buildings are gorgeous and the grounds are full of exotic plants and animated cranes, peacocks and even a tiger. I met the owner too, very friendly and helpful; she comes from my side of the pond, and hosts club nights for the European schedule, from 12-3 SLT - I look forward to going, as the downside to many clubs is that they operate on an American schedule and events are far too late for me to attend.

oOo Deep Pink oOo

Magnolia Meditation

Gardens of the Taj Mahal

The Minaret Kata

My Stripey Cousin

oOo Credits oOo

Windlight: CB's Rouge 2

Avatar: Aventity limited edition serval
Outfit: Female Bollywood from library (sari, shoes, hair & jewellery*)
Sensations nails 

*except my L&E armbands

Sunday, 13 May 2012

Happy Bicentennial Edward Lear!

Google informed us that yesterday was the 200th anniversary of Edward Lear, a famous English writer known for his whimsical nonsense poetry, probably the most well known being the rhyme "The Owl and the Pussycat" with which Google illustrated their logo. When I saw the news I just had to make a post, because I have an awesome hat that commemorates the poem. Unfortunately I'm a day late because I was out for most of the day and spent the rest of the time building a beautiful pea green boat (no, I cannot ever make things easy for myself!) 

I had a partial build sitting in my inventory since I took a building class six years ago, but I could never work out how to make a mirror copy of the 'swan wing' side of the boat, so it languished and was forgotten until now. I like building and I'd like to think I'm passably good at it, but prim torture really hurts my brain. Spatial reasoning and geometry are my weakest skills and I'd honestly rather tackle quantum physics. Anyway, it turns out that in addition to her many and varied talents, my pet Katlien is a better builder than me, and she was able to solve the swan wing puzzle inside 5 minutes and help me finish my boat! \o/ 

Outfits didn't take long to fix - in her space cat form, Katlien would have been a perfect pea green match, but I don't have an owl and anyway with the hat and the boat I didn't really need to belabour the theme. I decided to complement the fantasy element instead and wore my amazing dragon mask from Illusions while Katlien knelt at my side as a beautiful virgin princess. Every dragon has to capture a princess, you know! I would have liked to add trees and a pig but time was against me, so I went with what I had. [I would add here that I'm not going to marry my princess. I don't think my husband would approve.]

Thanks to Katlien, for being the most helpful and talented pet I've ever had the honour of calling my own; Rivin Kirkorian who ran excellent building classes at Teazer University and designed the original boat; Saraid Dalglish for making the most amazing hats and selling them cheaply for the first week they're out, so that people like me can afford them (I must own half her store!); Norton Burns for showing me the beautiful windlight setting; and Uchi Desmoulins for a great sandbox with sea and islands which made the perfect place to build and shoot in limited time. Nobody wants to be messing about with pose balls in a place with short term rez. Especially with midnight on the horizon.

The Owl and the Pussycat
or, the Dragon and the Princess

My beautiful pea green boat :)

Pleasure cruise with a captive princess

Mad Hattery owl & pussycat hat!


Location: Curious Inc. Sandbox (build rights for group members only)
Windlight: Sky [NB]-MistyDay-8am and water [NB] Hidden Depths

My Outfit: 
Mad Hattery 'The Owl and the Pussycat' Hat
Illusions ~ Draco mask and Egyptian 'Isis' jewellery & foot thongs
sf design 'malakira' gold silks
Grendel's Children ~ 7 Deadly Sins ~ 'Greed' avatar horns & wings
Adam n Eve Fantasy Golden Scales

Katlien's Outfit: (red dress & flowers)
D!va > 30,000 group member celebration gift (all gifts are still available in store if you join the group)

Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Colour Challenge 19 - Pueblo


I'm a smidgeon late with this post because I had a bad week; fell out with one of my best friends and ended up having to move home and set up a new land parcel. I think we're friends again but a certain silly kitty has ended up homeless :P So for a lot of the week I was seriously considering wearing SSUS 'My Shoes Are Sh*t' to illustrate my mood.

I couldn't believe it when this colour came up, I'd been laughing with Rudh over last year's run of poo browns - as she calls them - and when the first brown popped up this time around, I instantly thought, POOeblo! It's just that little bit too light and red for chocolate, or mud... and the best match in my wardrobe was a really horrible latex body suit that frankly made me look as though I'd been rolling in something I shouldn't. So I refused to wear it, but then everything else called 'chocolate' was too dark. Finally I started trying on all my brown clothes in random desperation and had a great surprise, so finally an outfit came together that I could feel pretty in - because to me, an important factor of this challenge is making outfits I can feel comfortable in and go about SL with my head held high. Lastly I needed a location, and wanted to find somewhere with chocolate - search was very obliging for once and would you believe I found:


Blueberry Chocolate Falls
How d'you like them apples?
Lazing among the candy canes
Posing with an Oompa Loompa
I have to say, taking these pictures really made me want - no, not chocolate, but a Mudslide cocktail! (I posed with one a little more than you can see here but it only made it into one shot.) I subsequently discovered that a Mudslide doesn't contain anything chocolatey. Oh well!


Outfit: Digit Darkes - Autumn Tulle skirt - Scotch
PurpleMoon - Fusion Top - Sienna
Adam n Eve Ankle Boots - Stompi - Mud
Autumn Manicure Gloves - by Star Sleestak

Accessories: PurpleMoon - Cubics II Jewellery Set - In the Fall
Lemania Indigo - Chocolate Turkey - Bangles
Cocktail - MMM Mudslide Wowie!! - by Mistress Midnight (full perms)
[ lurveBite ] - Bitten Toast Bread - Chocolate Love

Avatar: Hair - Crimson + Clover - Strawberry Sydney - Mahogany (store closed)
{Frick} - Autumn's Fell - sugar skin & eyes